About Us
Knowledge is a well established and respectable name in the School Education. With dream of providing quality education in the region of Charotar, the institution was established by Rajusir. The institution started in the year 2006-07 with 40 students has achieved a mammoth growth. In the year 2013-14 Knowledge group has expanded its operation and started its branches in Vallabh Vidhya Nagar- The Hub of Education. With this establishment the Group had crossed the magical digit of 4000 students. With that Knowledge High School is patronizing more than 500 human talents. From the inception Knowledge Group of Institutions had produced the best results in the board examination and achieved its place in the top schools of Gujarat. In last 7 years knowledge had produced more than 80 doctors and more than 1500 engineers. In the year 2013-14 Knowledge has challenged new horizons by securing 21 admissions in medical science. This way year by year Knowledge is setting higher standards in the field of education.
our Mission
Our Mission is the overall development of your ward which meets the expectations of the dynamic. The development of your ward and his/her bright future for the renunciation of the nation for a better society is our Vision. society through the education, character building and developmental efforts of Knowledge High School.
The Knowledge High School, established in 2007, has been transversing the path to Renunciation in Education under the guidance and inspiration of Nilay Sir, Tushar Sir and Raju Sir. The school consistently strives to achieve peaks of excellence in the academic field as well as in life itself through a large variety of well organized curricular and co curricular programmes. The intensive and all round training is directed towards the development of the virtues like honesty, courage, initiative, dynamism, modesty, tolerance, self confidence, loyalty, team spirit, co-operation and responsibility.
Chairman's Message
“... nothing gives me more happiness & satisfaction than seeing smiles on the faces of young boys & girls as they enjoy the learning process in the campus, make life-long friends, work hard to cope with the challenges of their curricular & co-curricular schedules and indulge with vigor in extra-curricular activities, find time to enjoy life, groom themselves as fine ladies & gentlemen sensitive to global arts & culture, ready to plunge into their chosen professions and finally work overtime to care for their immediate & Global family and see that Mother Earth and all its inhabitants are saved from catastrophic human interventions. I do believe of these young people becoming ethically right, successful & enjoy their lives to the fullest...”
Principal's Message
My mission as principal is to always put kids first! My belief is that all students can learn, and it is our job to support all of their needs. As educators, we need to discover how each child learns in order to differentiate our instruction to support diverse learning styles; all children are different. I also want all children to love school! My passion for elementary education as well as the enthusiasm of my staff will always be evident. In a collaborative effort, we want children to thrive in all ways possible. At Knowledge Kids, our mission is to provide such an environment for all of our students. I feel fortunate and blessed to be in this leadership role and welcome it every day with open arms. This year there will be countless exciting events and activities planned for all of our students. Our outdoor education area with the pond featuring a waterfall is truly amazing. Our students love observing our facilities , facilities and the extracurricular activities that have conducted in our Kids by our educators . Again, I am thrilled to Principal of Knowledge Kids.
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